More Ways to Access “Republics and Democracies”

In our recent post, Reflections on American Independence, we recommended reading “Republics And Democracies” by Robert Welch.

We are pleased to direct you to two new ways of getting this information:

  1. Free kindle download of Republics & Democracies this week:
  2. “Republics and Democracies” on You Tube Click here

Anyone who wants to understand the true source of America’s greatness needs to get this information.

NAFTA Renegotiation Objectives Do not Put America First

As of Monday July 17, 2017, the U.S. Government has a “Summary of Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation”.  

President Trump promised to put America First.  This summary of objectives does not look like America first . Why is it an American objective to support and further empower the World Trade Organization (WTO)?  This summary of objectives, in renegotiating NAFTA,  seeks to comply with and/or further empower the WTO in the following areas:

  1. Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Trade in Services
  3. Sanitary and Phyosanitary Measures
  4. Customs and Trade Facilitation
  5. State- Owned and Controlled Enterprises (SOEs)
  6. Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)

Also included in these objectives are requirements for NAFTA countries concerning: Continue reading

As We Pray for Charlie Gard, Let’s Learn a Lesson

Many of us have been praying for Charlie Gard and his parents, since the story broke of the imminent death of this eleven month old child.  In case anyone is unaware, I’ll recap the salient points.  Charlie has a disease that will most likely kill him.  His parents have raised money to pay for experimental treatment.  The London hospital has told Charlie’s parents they may not take him and go find the best medical treatment they think is possible.

The question on many of our minds is,  “What the hell gives the hospital the right to keep charlie”s parents from doing their best for his medical care?”  That basic question was dealt with in an Editorial, in the Chicago Tribune;

The life of Charlie Gard

Here is a pertinent quote from that article:

Why does the British government have such wide authority over Charlie’s treatment? One big reason: Because the government funds a single-payer health system, picking up medical costs for British citizens.

We imagine many Americans reassure themselves that this country’s largely private system of health insurance would never be so dismissive of a parent’s right to make decisions about a child’s health care. Or deny a parent the right to take a child home to die.

But this medical drama, no matter anyone’s opinion, foreshadows the difficult decisions to come if America converts its medical insurance system into a single-payer model. (Note that “single-payer” is a euphemism for government-controlled health spending and care.)

I will go even further.  Federal government intervention in medical care, and all unconstitutional areas, is a slippery slope.  By allowing the government to do for us what we should do, or at least allow a free market to do, we begin down a path of government control that will have dire consequences for liberty in generations to come.

This is why Obama Care must be repealed and, as rapidly as possible, ALL government involvement in health care must end.

More Reasons to Get US Out of the UN!

Take a look at this 6 minute video, How the UN Covers up Atrocities by Persecuting Whistle blowers.

The UN destroys our national sovereignty, promotes abortion, and abuses children.

The UN record of covering up for it’s abuses of power compounds it’s many scandals.  This proves once again that power corrupts.  This much power should not be kept in one entity.

It’s time to declare American Independence from the UN.  The American Sovereignty Restoration Act, HR 193 needs our support.  Click here to sign the petition.

Reflections on American Independence

Our founders, upon declaring American Independence on July 4, 1776, founded our Constitutional Republic on certain unique principles.  Robert Welch (1899-1985), founder of the John Birch Society, wrote what is arguably the best description ever of the fundamental differences between a government based upon divine law and one based upon men. His classic “Republics and Democracies,” was first delivered as a speech on September 17 (Constitution Day), 1961.  This quote from his speech captures the essence of the unique foundation of freedom, upon which our nation rests.

 “Those principles became a part of the very foundation of our republic. And they said that man has certain unalienable rights which do not derive from government at all. Under this theory not only the sovereign conqueror, but the sovereign people, are restricted in their power and authority by man’s natural rights, or by the divine rights of the individual man. And those certain unalienable and divine rights cannot be abrogated by the vote of a majority any more than they can by the decree of a conqueror. The idea that the vote of a people, no matter how nearly unanimous, makes or creates or determines what is right or just becomes as absurd and unacceptable as the idea that right and justice are simply whatever a king says they are. Just as the early Greeks learned to try to have their rulers and themselves abide by the laws they had themselves established, so man has now been painfully learning that there are more permanent and lasting laws which cannot be changed by either sovereign kings or sovereign people, but which must be observed by both. And that government is merely a convenience, superimposed on Divine Commandments and on the natural laws that flow only from the Creator of man and man’s universe.

Now that principle seems to me to be the most important addition to the theory of government in all history.”

Mr. Welch explains this is a foundation stone of our republic.  Here is a paraphrase of some of his closing remarks;  unchangeable limitations on the power of the people themselves are utterly foreign to the theory of a democracy, and even more impossible in the practice of one. And this principle may ultimately be by far the most significant of all the many differences between a republic and a democracy. For in time, under any government, without that principle slavery is inevitable, while with it slavery is impossible. And the American Republic has been the first great example of that principle at work.

Reading the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, and The Federalist Papers would be a great way for all Americans to understand our wonderful inheritance.  I would next recommend reading “Republics and Democracies”.

Happy Independence Day!

Please President Trump Put America First! Terminate Don’t Renegotiate NAFTA!

While campaigning for office Mr. Trump said,  “There’s never been a worse or a dumber deal for trade including TPP which is a disaster — but TPP I don’t believe will be as bad as NAFTA. And as you know, Hillary Clinton totally wants to approve TPP.” (Sept. 13 in Des Moines, Iowa).

President Trump terminated the TPP deal promptly after taking office.  I believe he would do the same with NAFTA but for pressure from the globalists.

Well known globalist Henry Kissinger said this about NAFTA,
 “will represent the most creative step toward a new world order taken by any group of countries since the end of the Cold War…” NAFTA “is not a conventional trade agreement, but the architecture of a new international system.” (Henry KissingerLos Angeles Times, 1993.)  Kissinger is surprisingly honest. Globalists want NAFTA to be renegotiated or modernized to build a North American Union (NAU), that will be comfortably merged with the EU and other Regional Unions in the New World Order.  If this happens American Sovereignty is lost.

In late April CNN reported in part:

Trump’s decision to remain in NAFTA came the same day a senior administration official revealed the White House was considering an executive order to withdraw from the trade accord.

Last week, Trump derided NAFTA during remarks in Wisconsin meant to highlight American manufacturing.
“It’s been very, very bad for our companies and for our workers, and we’re going to make some very big changes, or we are going to get rid of NAFTA once and for all,” Trump said.

Continue reading

Make America Great Via Article VI NOT Article V

There are many who feel that we can solve America’s problems with an Article V Convention.  I recently attended a lecture, by Constitutional Scholar Robert Brown, in which he asserts that Article VI is the solution.  He insisted that an Article V Convention is not only dangerous, at this time, but is also not intended to address the problems we currently face.  Brown points out that Justice Scalia saw danger in an Article V Convention:

“A constitutional convention is a horrible idea.  This is not a good century to write a constitution.”  – Justice Antonin Scalia  May 11, 2015

Brown uses the Federalist Papers and quotes from our founders to expose the lie that Article V is the intended remedy for our current problems.  If our problems stemmed from errors or deficiencies in the Constitution then Article V would be the correct remedy.  However, our problems stem from lack of adherence to the Constitution.  This is where Article VI comes in.  It states in part, Continue reading

Washington Post Reports Obama Organizing Youth Against Trump

For those of us who were relieved to see eight years of Obama culture change fade into history, the news is not good.  Apparently the street organizer turned president refuses to let his  radical leftist changes be undone.

A recent article in The New York Post, “How Obama is Scheming to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency”, describes how our former president is using his nonprofit, multi-million dollar group, Organizing For Action (OFA) to create opposition to the Trump administration.

The Post reports,

“He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.”

The Post further reports,

Since Donald Trump’s election, this little-known but well-funded protesting arm has beefed up staff and ramped up recruitment of young liberal activists, declaring on its website, “We’re not backing down.” Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy, it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, ObamaCare, race relations and climate change.

To read the article click here.

For more information on this topic read this article in The New American Magazine:

Barack Obama’s Legacy

Why All the Anti-Trump Demonstrations?

Many Trump supporters believe these demonstrations are just immature liberal whiners acting out.  There is much more to it than that.  William F. Jasper has recently addressed this topic in an article for The New American Magazine.  I urge you to click here and read the article.  In part of the article, Mr. Jasper takes a look at a recent ad published in the NY Times:

The Workers World Party is not the only totalitarian-oriented organization promoting anti-Trump mayhem for Inauguration Day — not by a long stretch. Another veteran communist group, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), is a violent Marxist-Leninist organization that idolizes Chinese mass-murdering dictator Mao Tse-tung. Operating through a front organization,, the RCP took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times on January 4 that is noteworthy on several points. First of all is the fact that the Times ran the ad at all, inasmuch as the Times’ declared policy is, “We do not accept opinion advertisements that are attacks of a personal nature.”

Really? No “attacks of a personal nature?” That’s very PC and all, but why then does the RCP ad not qualify as an attack of a personal nature? After all, it does charge Trump and Pence and the incoming “regime” they are leading with being fascists, xenophobic nationalists, racists, and misogynists — among other execrable things.

The Times ad opens with the declaration: “NO! IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT A FASCIST AMERICA!”

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The American Sovereignty Restoration Act was Re-Introduced in the new Congress!

Alex Newman reported the following, in a recent article in The New American Magazine;

“H.R.193 was re-introduced in the 115th Congress on January 3, the first day of the new Congress, by Representative Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) and a coalition of liberty-minded lawmakers. While the full text of the legislation is not yet available online, sources on Capitol Hill confirmed that the bill was the same as H.R. 1205 of the 114th Congress, also known as the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. The new bill is currently going under the header, “To end membership of the United States in the United Nations.”

I strongly urge you to read this:

Newman presents some of  Representative Rogers’ reasons for introducing this bill;

In a statement announcing the bill in the last Congress, chief sponsor Representative Rogers explained the reasons why he and many of his constituents in East Alabama wanted to end U.S. government participation in the UN immediately. “The U.N. continues to prove it’s an inefficient bureaucracy and a complete waste of American tax dollars,” the congressman said, echoing widespread concerns about the international outfit expressed across America and worldwide.

Beyond just being a waste, it is also a threat to U.S. interests, sovereignty, allies, and liberties, the Alabama Republican warned. “Why should the American taxpayer bankroll an international organization that works against America’s interests around the world?” he asked. “The time is now to restore and protect American sovereignty and get out of the United Nations.”

The congressman cited attacks on U.S. liberties as a key motivation for the legislation. “Although the United States makes up almost a quarter of the U.N.’s annual budget, the U.N. has attempted a number of actions that attack our rights as U.S. citizens,” he explained in the statement. “To name a few, these initiatives include actions like the Law of the Sea Treaty, which would subject our country to internationally based environmental mandates, costing American businesses more money, or the U.N.’s work to re-establish an international regulation regime on global warming which would heavily target our fossil fuels.”

The article goes on to explain other concerns expressed by supporters of HR193.  These concerns include attacks on our right to keep and bear arms, criminal acts committed by UN “peacekeepers”, and the Anti-Israel bent of the UN.

I find myself in agreement with Sarah Palin, as quoted by Newman;

…former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who has become increasingly vocal since Brexit in calling for the United States to sever the UN “shackles” binding America. “I called for our next president, Donald Trump, to call for the unshackling of the political bands tying us to the UN,” Palin said in a recent radio interview. “It’s our money funding the lion’s share of the globalist circus. It’s We the People needing to rise up and make this a part of the revolution that we have just so benefited from.”

We  have edited our petition in Support of the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, to reflect the change from HR1205 to HR 193.  Click here to read and sign it.