I’ve never been much of a gardener. Actually I never really tried to grow anything…ever. It just seemed like too much work. But I love sunflowers and really wanted to grow some. So, I planted some seeds. And they didn’t sprout. So I planted more seeds. But they didn’t sprout either. But I wasn’t giving up! I bought some ‘Miracle Gro’ potting soil and tried again. This time they sprouted! I decided that I would finally make a sunflower house. This was something I’ve wanted to do ever since I read “Sunflower House’” by Eve Bunting to my kids years ago. I planted the sunflower seedlings in the shape of a square outside the chicken coop in mid-June.


 Here they are now…they’ve really grown in just two months! You can see how the ones in the back grew bigger than the others since the chickens kept kicking their straw and ‘fertilizer’ out of the coop and around the flowers. Instant mulch!


And I have a couple sunflower buds that are just about ready to bloom any day now:


Now I was motivated and decided to plant a small vegetable garden. Dave tilled the garden area for me. I bought some vegetable seedlings and planted them. And watered them. And they grew. And produced vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and zucchini (the broccoli and cauliflower didn’t make it). It did require some work (like weeding and watering) but all in all wasn’t that hard to maintain. I’m now getting ready to plant some cool weather vegetables.


Our cucumbers did the best. We even made some homemade dill pickles!


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