Clearing up some Confusion

The recent post, The American Form of Government, showed that our founders gave us a republic, not a democracy.  It also acknowledged, that many Americans are confused, since most teachers, politicians, and reporters refer to the United States of America as a democracy.

Studying the U.S Constitution, Federalist Papers, and Convention debates easily proves, that our founders gave us a republic and thought of democracy as mob rule, which would destroy property rights and quickly die a violent death.

Let’s examine the cause of the confusion.


The confusion is created when teachers and respected public officials refer to us as a democracy.  So why are such respected people disseminating this propaganda?

I recently did research into Common Core, which uncovered some pertinent facts, regarding the influence of  Tax-exempt Foundations, on the American Education system.  These foundations were investigated, by the Reece Committee, in 1953-4.  Norman Dodd, Director of Research for the Committee, has revealed the following, from the minutes of the meetings, of the directors, of The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

  1. In 1908, the directors discussed the best way to alter the life of an entire people.  They concluded that war was the best means, to that end.
  2. They then discussed how they could involve the U.S. in a war.(an interesting topic for a peace organization).  They decided they would need to control the diplomatic machinery of the U.S., by taking control of the State Department.
  3. During WWI they sent a message to President Wilson urging him not to allow the war to end too quickly.
  4. After the war, these same men discussed the importance of preventing a reversion back, to life as it was, prior to World War I.  Their solution was to control education.
  5. They especially sought to change the teaching of American History.  Since no teachers would agree to change the teaching of American History, they decided to make their own stable of historians.

Mr. Dodd explains all of this and how these foundation directors formed this “stable of historians”, in an interview done in 1982.

I think it is notable that when President Wilson asked the U.S. Congress to declare war (we used to do that), He said it was necessary, ” to make the world safe for democracy”.  This same war that was desired by the directors of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, was being fought to make the world safe for democracy.

Wilson’s top adviser was Edward Mandell House.  House wrote a fictional book, Philip Dru Administrator, in which he calls for “socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx”.  Marx explains, in the Communist Manifesto  (1848), that in order to have a socialist revolution, you must “win the battle of democracy”.

In 1884, Pope Leo XIII gave us his encyclical, Humanum Genus.  In section 21 he wrote, “With the greatest unanimity the sect of the Freemasons also endeavours to take to itself the education of youth”.   Then in section 27. he wrote,

For, the fear of God and reverence for divine laws being taken away, the authority of rulers despised, sedition permitted and approved, and the popular passions urged on to lawlessness, with no restraint save that of punishment, a change and overthrow of all things will necessarily follow. Yea, this change and overthrow is deliberately planned and put forward by many associations of communists and socialists; and to their undertakings the sect of Freemasons is not hostile, but greatly favours their designs, and holds in common with them their chief opinions.

If you have any doubt that the socialist revolution was active in the U.S. by the end of the 19th century, study Anarchy and Anarchists by Schaack.    

The head lawyer for the Reece Committee investigation was Rene Wormser.  His book, Foundations Their Power and Influence , sheds some light on the subject.  Carroll Reece wrote the forward. In it he asks, ““to what extent, if any, are the funds of the large foundations aiding and abetting Marxist tendencies in the United States and weakening the love which every American should have for his way of life?”.  Wormser wrote, “The impact of foundation money upon education has been very heavy, largely tending to promote uniformity in approach and method, tending to induce the educator to become an agent for social change and a propagandist for the development of our society in the direction of some form of collectivism”.  He also wrote, 

There is much evidence that, to a substantial degree, foundations have become the directors of education in the United States.”

Wormser goes on to reveal the following, in regards to these foundations,

“Research and experimental stations were established at selected universities, notably Columbia, Stanford, and Chicago. Here some of the worst mischief in recent education was born. In these Rockefeller-and-Carnegie-established vineyards worked many of the principal characters in the story of the suborning of American education. Here foundations nurtured some of the most ardent academic advocates of upsetting the American system and supplanting it with a Socialist state”.   (emphasis added)

Wormser reveals foundation control over both public education and government advisers, “In the international field, foundations, and an interlock among some of them and certain intermediary organizations, have exercised a strong effect upon our foreign policy and upon public education in things international. This has been accomplished by vast propaganda, by supplying executives and advisers to government and by controlling much research in this area through the power of the purse. (emphasis added)

In a section called Findings and Concluding observations of the Reece Committee, Wormser  describes foundation control over media and government,

The far- reaching power of the large foundations and of the interlock, has so influenced the press, the radio, and even the government that it has become extremely difficult for objective criticism of foundation practices to get into news channels without having first been distorted, slanted, discredited, and at times ridiculed.

Wormser  explains that foundations have “actively supported attacks upon our social and governmental system and financed the promotion of socialism and collectivist ideas”.  He even  named the Institute of Pacific Relations as one of several foundations that funded organizations that support communism.

Why do many believe we are a democracy?  The socialists who see democracy as the first step in the revolution, have used the power of tax-exempt foundations to control education, media, and government.  Control over thoughts and opinions is the result of controlling these areas of our society.


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