Michaelmas Day – September 29

Happy Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael! The archangels are entrusted with important missions to mankind. In times of temptation and for protection we pray to St. Michael. For safety in travel and to do God’s will we pray to Gabriel. For healing of sickness and finding a spouse we pray to Raphael.

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World Meeting of Families, Pope Francis and Our Lady Undoer of Knots


We were blessed to have Pope Francis come to Philadelphia this past weekend for the World Meeting of Families. On Saturday evening during the Festival of Families he gave an impromptu speech which really spoke to me.

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Congress controls the purse strings

Excellent article by KrisAnne Hall! Couldn’t have said it better myself!


She references Federalist Paper 58. Everyone should read it AND everyone should have a copy of The Federalist Papers.

More On Constitutional Misconceptions

On Constitution Day we posted about some constitutional misconceptions.  We dealt with the “general Welfare” argument for allowing our federal government to usurp powers not enumerated in the Constitution.  We also reminded our readers that Article I, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution empowers only Congress to make law.  We referenced the Federalist Papers, the U.S. Constitution, and Websters Unabridged Dictionary (1828).  It is our hope that we clarified the following facts: Continue reading

Feast of Padre Pio – September 23

Today is the Feast of Padre Pio…one of my top 10 favorite saints! It’s also my dad’s birthday (he would have been 83 years old this year…so I’ll be saying a prayer for him). My mom loved Padre Pio…not sure why but she read about him and had a lot of prayer cards and information about him. My son, Jon, took ‘Pio’ as his Confirmation name. So, needless to say, Padre Pio is close to my heart for a lot reasons.

padre pio

And I love the message above. Really and truly when all else fails…PRAY!

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Feast of St. Matthew – September 21 (AND a Name Day celebration for us!)

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Matthew. St. Matthew was a tax collector in the city of Capernaum. As you can imagine, most tax collectors were hated by the Jews because they worked for the Romans. One day, Jesus saw Matthew and he said, “Follow me.” At once, Matthew left his money and his position to follow Jesus. Matthew was one of the twelve apostles and is the author of the first Gospel.

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September 17 is Constitution Day

The U.S. Constitution was ratified, on September 17, 1787.  Two hundred and twenty-eight years later, there are some misconceptions about it that we should reflect on.

The general Welfare Clause:  The term “general welfare” is used in the preamble of the Constitution.  One of the reasons our founders wrote the Constitution was to promote the general Welfare.  According to Webster’s Dictionary (1828), Welfare was “peace and prosperity or the ordinary blessings of society and civil government”.  The term “general Welfare” appears again in the first sentence of Article I, section 8;  “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; ”  I will now allow James Madison to explain what is meant by Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution; Continue reading

Nullification: An Exercise of State Sovereignty

StateNullification_ImageIn my previous post, “State Sovereignty Basics,” I summarized some of the historical evidence in support of the idea of State Sovereignty. (Strictly speaking, only the People are sovereign, but we say that the states have sovereignty in the areas over which the People delegated power to them).

In the previous post, I alluded to the fact that this conception of the Union could hold the key to reigning in the federal government. Specifically, I was referring to the doctrine of State Nullification, which I will describe in this post. Continue reading

Chicken News!  September 16, 2015

As I mentioned in my previous ‘Chickens’ post we had bought an Easter Egger chick because they lay greenish/bluish eggs and thought that would be ‘cool’. Matt named our Easter Egger, Samus, after some video game character. Continue reading

TPP, TTIP, and TiSA… What would Washington Say?

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible... It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world… But even our commercial policy should hold an equal and impartial hand, neither seeking nor granting exclusive favors or preferences;… constantly keeping in view that it is folly in one nation to look for disinterested favors from another; that it must pay with a portion of it’s independence for whatever it may accept under that character.  (George Washington – Farewell Address – 1796) (emphasis added)

This advice from the father of our nation is wise.  However, President Obama is now working on economic partnerships, under the guise of “free trade”, which will give away our independence just as George Washington warned, in the above quote. Continue reading