County Clerks Need Support from State Officials

God gave us marriage and defined it.  Now the Supreme Court re-defines marriage and we’re supposed to accept it as “The Law of the Land”.  

County clerks refusing to accept this as law and denying marriage licenses to same sex couples are being told to resign or face penalties.  The truth is they should be supported by state officials and applauded by God-fearing Americans.

I want to put this in perspective, on several levels:

  1.  God instituted and defined marriage.  Marriage is between one man and one woman.  Once a couple is married in the Church they don’t even need a license.  The civil license is really about benefits.  Many “gay” couples just want the benefits.  The bigger agenda is to have marriage become meaningless.  There are those who would like to see marriage and the family completely destroyed (eg. Marx and his followers).   The Supreme Court and the whole federal government do not have the real authority to re-define marriage.
  2. When the federal government tries to make “law” not “in pursuance” of the Constitution, the rightful remedy is nullification, by the States.  Since Article I, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution gives all legislative authority to the Congress (Legislative Branch), the Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) has zero law-making power.  This Court decision, Roe v. Wade, and all court decisions are not, in fact, the “Law of the Land”.  Only Congress can make federal law.  Congress is strictly limited, by the Constitution to make law in certain specific areas.  Marriage is not one of those areas.  These clerks are absolutely right in ignoring the Supreme Court Ruling.  State officials need to support them and oppose this federal intrusion.
  3. At the federal level, Article III of the Constitution empowers the Congress to check the power of the Courts.  Rep. Steve King (Iowa) has introduced the Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act of 2015, which would prevent all federal courts from hearing cases about marriage and refuse funds for federal court litigation or enforcement of rulings concerning marriage.  We the people need to contact our Congressmen and tell them to support The Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act of 2015.
  4. If the States refuse to accept this and other spurious rulings of the Court, there’s nothing fedgov can legally do about it.  Furthermore, the Congress needs to use it’s power to check the Court.  Congress should limit the appellate jurisdiction of the federal courts and in cases where Supreme Court Justices persist in trying to legislate their personal, marxist, agenda from the bench, the Congress should impeach them.  Contrary to popular myth, Supreme Court Justices do not necessarily sit for life.  Good behavior is specified, by the Constitution.  (Article III, Section 1)

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