Chicken News!  September 16, 2015

As I mentioned in my previous ‘Chickens’ post we had bought an Easter Egger chick because they lay greenish/bluish eggs and thought that would be ‘cool’. Matt named our Easter Egger, Samus, after some video game character.

Here is a picture of Samus…isn’t she pretty?


We also knew that Samus would start laying eggs a little later than the other ‘girls’. Well, this past Thursday was a really rainy day here so I didn’t go out to check on them as much as I usually do. On Friday morning when I went to let them out and feed them I found a really small greenish/bluish egg laying under the ramp in the run. Samus must have laid a ‘practice’ egg the day before. I was so excited! When I went out at lunch time she had laid a ‘regular’ sized egg.

Here’s a picture of both eggs…see what I mean about it being tiny?


And this past Friday they ALL laid an egg…I got SEVEN eggs in one day! Woo Hoo!!


My kids think I am a:


But I’m OK with that!  🙂

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