How can mass shootings be avoided?

Mass shootings like those in Paris, France and most recently San Bernardino, California can be avoided.  The liberal (ie. Communist/Socialist) big lie, that firearms are evil, keeps the average American from seeing the common sense solution.  Americans need to be armed and ready to defend themselves.  These attacks would never occur, if the perpetrators knew their potential victims were armed and ready to defend themselves.  If attackers were foolish enough to shoot at armed citizens, they would not kill many before they were killed themselves.

Our founders gave us the Second Amendment as a protection of our right to defend life, liberty, and property.  Pennsylvania’s Constitution says, in Article I, Section 21, “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

Our founders expected us to use guns to defend ourselves against both criminals and government oppression.  King George’s soldiers were repelled, by men with firearms.  Firearms were used to repel Indian attacks and the attacks of other would-be thieves and murderers.

Now there seems to be a prevailing mind-set that guns are evil and only government agents can be trusted with these weapons, so we need laws against gun ownership.  There are several problems with this idea:

  1.  As recent events have proven, the police can not respond quickly enough to avoid much loss of life.
  2. Laws against gun ownership can not stop criminals from owning guns.  THEY ARE LAW-BREAKERS!!!
  3. If the government has guns and the citizens don’t, we are set-up for government oppression.
  4. A gun is a tool.  It is neither good, nor evil.  It can be used by criminals for evil purposes.  It can and should be used by good citizens for good purposes.  (e.g. the defense of life, liberty and property)

The best way to ensure that our families and property are protected, from both criminals and government oppression, is to own guns and be prepared to use them.


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