Trump for President? I don’t think so.

Donald Trump has been saying that as president he would make America great again.  He makes many inflammatory remarks, which often serve to stimulate people”s interest.  Why?  People are glad to hear someone who refuses to be politically correct.  They are at least subconsciously aware that you should be able to say how you feel, provided you don’t slander others.  A recent inflammatory remark, made by Trump is that he, as president, would encourage the practice of waterboarding, during interrogations.  This type of torture is, and should be illegal, under both domestic and international law.  For more information go here.

Ben Carson seems to be a much better candidate.  He is pro-life and pro-constitution.  I am disappointed that he has recently come out in favor of the TPP.  For more information go here.  There are so many issues it’s tough to find a candidate you can agree with, on everything.  The TPP will destroy our sovereignty, so it is no small matter, that Carson is for it.  I hope he will do more research and listen to the analysis of Senator Jeff Sessions.  To see our recent post on this issue, go here.

We will continue to post our thoughts on presidential candidates but it’s really more important to be concerned with Congress and the education of the electorate.  Congress is the only branch of government with constitutional authority to make law and the issues that are important to the electorate will  ultimately drive the political process.  If more of the electorate understood that the Constitution is the solution to virtually all of America’s problems,  we would be well on our way to being great again.  It wouldn’t be because of a great president but because of an informed electorate driving the political process in Congress.

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