Reflections on The Cardinal Newman Society interview of Common Core Architect, David Coleman

I recently read this report, by Adam Cassandra, “EXCLUSIVE:  Common Core Architect Says Don’t Abandon Traditional Catholic Education, Students ‘Will Do Superbly” on New SAT Exam”.  The writer and those at the Cardinal Newman Society obviously want to assure those of us who believe in Classical Education, that our children will do well on the SAT and AP exams, even after Coleman aligns them with Common Core.  David Coleman says it so I guess I should bet the house on it.  Or do you think we should be skeptical of a man who gave us  math “standards” which call for children to answer basic arithmetic questions by group consensus?  (eg. 2+2=5 if the majority says so)  I won’t even go into how he is destroying very young minds, with Common Core’s raunchy sex education.  I am skeptical.  If David Coleman told me the sky was blue, I’d stick my head out the window and check for myself.

Two facts jumped out at me, as I read this report:

  1. David Coleman studied at Yale University, then received a Rhodes Scholarship to study English literature at Oxford University and classical educational philosophy at Cambridge University.
  2. The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) “has helped Catholic schools implement the Common Core and accepted a large grant in 2013 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support Common Core training and materials”.

Coleman’s educational background fits that of radical socialists, who seek to change America by controlling education. This 8 minute video segment will give you some perspective. The man speaking is Norman Dodd.  He uncovered these facts while leading the Congressional Investigation of tax-exempt foundations, in the 1950’s.  David Coleman seems to have a flattering way about him.  He’ll tell you what you want to hear but his Common Core, if fully implemented, will destroy our children and our future.

The NCEA seems to now be an agent of Bill Gates.  Their assignment is to use money from this large grant to get Common Core into Catholic schools.  Follow the money.  It generally leads to the heart of the matter.

Even if you think you know all about Common Core,  please check out this information:

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