Protect our Constitution!

Our Constitution is in danger of being revised or completely destroyed!  The very real danger is an Article V convention.  If 34 States call for a convention, then according to Article V of the U.S. Constitution, Congress must call a convention.  The Constitution makes no provision for limiting the convention.  It would have the same power as the 1787 Convention, which was supposed to revise The Articles of Confederation, but instead gave us the greatest Constitution ever written.

My concern is that today’s liberal/socialist politicians will tinker with our beloved Constitution in convention and liberty, for future generations, will be compromised.  There is not one problem we face today, which can be blamed on our Constitution.  In fact, for most of our problems, the Constitution is the solution.

Pennsylvania has an existing call for a convention, supposedly to balance the budget.  The budget can only be balanced by strict adherence to the Constitution.  If we continue to spend our tax dollars, funding unconstitutional programs, then the only way to “balance” the budget is with increased taxes and deficits.  If we pressure Congress to spend only in accordance with the Constitution, the size and cost of our government will be reduced 80%.

I hope you will contact your State Representatives and Senators.  Urge them to rescind any PA calls for a convention and oppose any new calls.  Also please educate yourself on this issue by going here.

We must oppose “Dictator Obama”

Mr. Obama doesn’t seem satisfied with being President.  He wants to be dictator.  He has the socialist/communist philosophy that individuals and states can do nothing, effectively.  The Federal Government is the one entity that can solve all our problems.  When the states and the people disagree he signs an executive order to force his will on us.

Yesterday Mr. Obama made clear, with his “Remarks by the President on Common-sense Gun Safety Reform”, that he intends to take action, because “the gun lobby” is “holding Congress hostage”.  This statement, beginning with it’s title, is full of lies and deception: Continue reading