A Crash Course on a Constitutional Convention (in less than 7 minutes)

There has been another PA call for an Article V Convention, just introduced.  HR 682 claims the need for a Convention to amend the Constitution, to empower the States to oppose federal edicts that encroach on State’s rights.  The States already have that power, as we have previously explained.  Our Constitution is not the problem and should not be amended.

We have already expressed, in pasts posts, that the Article V Convention method of amending the Constitution would be disastrous.  We hope A Crash Course on a Constitutional Convention  can explain, in 6 minutes and 50 seconds, why a Constitutional Convention is not the solution to America’s problems and what the real solution is.

We strongly urge you to share this video and urge others to contact their State Representatives, in opposition to any PA calls for an Article V Convention.

Please watch this brief video, by clicking on A Crash Course on a Constitutional Convention. 

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