PA Pro-Lifers should follow Oklahoma not Rand Paul

The Oklahoma State legislature has just passed a bill that will effectively end legalized abortion in their state.  I urge you to read the report at  The report says in part, “A bill headed to Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk this week would strip abortionists of their medical licenses and basically ban abortions in the state.”                 The report also states,

With no discussion or debate, the Senate voted 33-12 Thursday for the bill by Republican Sen. Nathan Dahm. A handful of Republicans joined with Democrats in voting against the bill, which now heads to Gov. Mary Fallin, an anti-abortion Republican.”    

Assuming Governor Fallin signs the bill into law,  The State of Oklahoma will have nullified the accepted force of law of Roe v. Wade, within the State.  Of course, fedgov will try to say Oklahoma can’t nullify Roe v. Wade but that is false.  Every State in the Union has the legal authority to nullify Roe v. Wade, which is a court decision and Constitutionally  has no force of law.

Oklahoma Rep. David Brumbaugh, who co-sponsored the bill said,

“Do we make laws because they’re moral and right, or do we make them based on what an unelected judicial occupant might question or want to overturn? The last time I looked, that’s why I thought we had a separation of power,” …“It’s not about policy. It’s not about politics. It’s about principle.”


I applaud Rep. Brumbaugh!  If Oklahoma sticks to it’s guns, in the face of the pressure to come, they will lead the way for Pennsylvania and every State to follow.

Now let’s look at the “solution”  being promoted  by Rand Paul and the National Pro-Life Alliance.  Their solution is to petition the federal government for a Life at Conception Act.  Senator Paul writes,

“A Life at Conception Act declares unborn children “persons” as defined by the 14th Amendment to the constitution, entitled to legal protection.”

Beware of asking the federal government to tell us when life begins, who are persons, and who is entitled to legal protection.

If we ask the federal government to say life begins at conception, we give them the authority to tell the States and people when life begins (subject to change at the whim of fedgov).  Right now any State can say “abortion is illegal in our State”.  We don’t need or want the federal government to decide when life begins.  Roe v. Wade can’t legally stop PA or any State from making abortion illegal.

A Life at Conception Act would be worse than a great waste of time and money.  If successful, it would give more power to fedgov to control us, even to the point of telling us when life begins.
Pennsylvania, and every State in the Union, should follow Oklahoma’s lead.

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