Chicken update, Maximus our St. Bernard, and Feast of St. Roch

Well, we had some tough times with our chickens. We had a total of 7 chickens and they were doing well.

7 chickens

Then one day they were free-ranging and something (we think a fox) got one of them…she was just GONE.  Now we were down to 6.

6 chickens

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Can You Spare 7 Minutes for Our Local Police?

Our family prays for our police every night but prayer is not enough.  St. Augustine taught that we should pray as though everything depends on God but work like it all depends on us.  We must pray for our police and, at the same time, support our local police to keep them independent of federal control.  Please take 7 minutes to watch this video, The Truth About Obama’s Push to Nationalize Police.  To view it click here. Continue reading

Some Perspective on the Upcoming Elections

Those who appreciate the liberty provided by our American system of government, always get more politically interested as a presidential election nears.  The upcoming elections are certainly important.  I urge you to read this brief article, “What Can We Learn From the RNC and DNC?”, which put the elections in perspective for me.  To read the article click here.