How Can We Stop UN “Peacekeeper” Abuses? Stop funding the UN.

If I heard right now that a U.N. peacekeeping mission was going to North Chattanooga today, which is where my wife is, I would be on the first plane out of here to go home and protect her,” said Corker. “I am disgusted by the actions of U.N. peacekeepers that American taxpayers are paying for, and I hope that somehow we’ll figure out a way to reel this in.”  (Senator Bob Corker)

“At a hearing to examine the United Nations’ response to sexual abuse among peacekeeping forces, U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, expressed disgust over continued reports of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) by peacekeepers and the failure of the United Nations to provide accountability. He suggested the U.S. should consider withholding peacekeeping funds or other forms of assistance when troop-contributing countries fail to punish those responsible for misconduct.”  (April 13, 2016 – Bob Corker’s Facebook)

I urge you to read this article from The New American Magazine titled,

Congress Threatens Funding for Child-raping UN “Peace” Troops

The article reports:

“The Senate hearing this week focused primarily on abuses perpetrated by international troops in the Central African Republic. The New American and other sources have been reporting on new cases of rape and exploitation by “peace” troops that have been surfacing at an astounding pace. When a whistle-blower handed documents about the horrors to French prosecutors, including the rape of children under 10 years old, the UN went ballistic — but not how you might think.

Instead of cracking down on the heavily armed perverts and predators wearing the UN’s infamous “blue helmets,” it launched an “investigation” of the brave official who exposed it, Anders Kompass, and even had him escorted from his office under armed guard. Leaked e-mails later exposed top UN officials conspiring at a secret meeting in Turin, Italy, to silence and destroy the whistle-blower. Since then, dozens more cases of “peacekeeper” rape and sexual abuse of women and children have surfaced, and nobody appears to have been held accountable.

At another recent congressional hearing on UN abuses, U.S. lawmakers told The New American that the UN’s persecution of whistle-blowers in that case and others was unacceptable and would be dealt with, potentially by withholding funding from the UN if necessary.”

The answer is simple.  Since the U.S. taxpayers fund about thirty percent of UN “peacekeeping”, Congress can stop much of the abuse by passing HR 1205 The American Sovereignty Restoration Act.  This would get us out of the UN.  Soon the UN would die just as the League of Nations did without U.S. support.

Please click here to sign the petition in support of HR 1205 The American Sovereignty Restoration Act.

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