NYPD Police Chief Says Evidence of Clinton Crimes is Truly “Alarming”

According to a recent article in The New American magazine, the NYPD chief of police has seen evidence, on ex-congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer, that could “put Hillary and her crew away for life”.  The list of crimes alluded to includes:

• Money laundering

• Child exploitation

• Sex crimes with minors (children)

• Perjury

• Pay to play through Clinton Foundation

• Obstruction of justice

• Other felony crimes

The national news media will not bring the truth to light.  FBI Director James Comey and the Justice Department are in no hurry to share this information publicly.  You can click here to read the truth in The New American magazine.

This certainly seems to be an issue that should be resolved before the election.  I guess the media, FBI, and Justice Department don’t see it that way.

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