Should the UN have Global Taxing Power? Let’s Amexit Instead.

The UN wants the power to tax everyone on earth and punish those who “evade taxes”.  In a recent article in The New American Magazine,  Alex Newman reports, “The most recent globalist demand for greater UN powers over taxation came from UN “human rights expert” Alfred de Zayas (shown above), a Cuban-born “international lawyer,” who demanded “an international Tax Body to fight tax evasion and corruption, phase-out tax havens, stop competition among tax jurisdictions and abolish secrecy.”

Newman also reports, “Even while pushing for a global taxation regime, the UN is also at the forefront of the effort to abolish cash in favor of a “cashless society” — a dangerous scheme that would end privacy by allowing governments to track and monitor every single transaction. At the same time, the UN’s many tentacles, more than a few of which are led by agents of the mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictatorship, are pushing proposals for direct global taxation and even a global fiat currency.”

Mr. Newman offers this wise advice, “Rather than fight back against every new totalitarian scheme dreamed up by the UN and the globalist establishment behind it, Americans should push for a complete U.S. government withdrawal from the UN — an Amexit. The American Sovereignty Restoration Act would do exactly that. With Trump declaring on the campaign trail that the UN was not a friend to the United States or to freedom, and with the UN making more ludicrous and autocratic demands by the day, the time has never been better for Americans to demand a permanent end to U.S. participation in the dictators club.”

Click here to sign a petition in support of HR 1205 The American Sovereignty Restoration Act.

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