Trump Can Have a Dramatic Effect on Our Federal Courts

Most Americans realize that the replacement for deceased Justice Scalia will be an important Supreme Court appointment.  What many do not realize is, that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Bob Adelmann has recently reported the following, in the New American Magazine;

“But the opportunity to reshape the judicial environment in the United States extends far beyond filling the Scalia vacancy. There are 104 current vacancies (including Scalia’s) all across the federal bench, with 38 of them termed “judicial emergencies” — where a court’s backlog of cases exceeds 600, or where the vacancy has lasted longer than 18 months. Thirteen of those 104 are on federal appeals courts, 82 are in U.S. district courts, and the remainder are in courts of special jurisdiction (i.e., the U.S. Court of Federal Claims).”

Adelmann goes on to explain the impact that Obama had on our federal courts.  He writes, in part, “…when Obama took office there was only one openly gay or lesbian judge on the bench. He appointed 11 more. In addition, only one of the 13 regional circuit courts had a majority of Democratic-nominated judges, but today nine do.” Continue reading

This 8 Minute Video Explains the UN Warped Idea of Human Rights

As Alex Newman explains in this TNA video, it’s time for us to #Amexit the UN.  The UN dictator’s club, which calls itself the “Human Rights Council” is a disgrace. Our American idea of liberty is based on God-given rights being protected by government.  The UN idea is that rights can be dispensed and taken away by the UN.  In this scenario the UN takes the place of God.  Click here to watch this video, by The New American magazine.

HR 1205 The American Sovereignty Restoration Act will get us out of the UN.  Click here to find out more.

Click here to sign the petition to support HR 1205.


UN Human Rights Council: A Dictator’s Paradise