Make America Great Via Article VI NOT Article V

There are many who feel that we can solve America’s problems with an Article V Convention.  I recently attended a lecture, by Constitutional Scholar Robert Brown, in which he asserts that Article VI is the solution.  He insisted that an Article V Convention is not only dangerous, at this time, but is also not intended to address the problems we currently face.  Brown points out that Justice Scalia saw danger in an Article V Convention:

“A constitutional convention is a horrible idea.  This is not a good century to write a constitution.”  – Justice Antonin Scalia  May 11, 2015

Brown uses the Federalist Papers and quotes from our founders to expose the lie that Article V is the intended remedy for our current problems.  If our problems stemmed from errors or deficiencies in the Constitution then Article V would be the correct remedy.  However, our problems stem from lack of adherence to the Constitution.  This is where Article VI comes in.  It states in part, Continue reading