As We Pray for Charlie Gard, Let’s Learn a Lesson

Many of us have been praying for Charlie Gard and his parents, since the story broke of the imminent death of this eleven month old child.  In case anyone is unaware, I’ll recap the salient points.  Charlie has a disease that will most likely kill him.  His parents have raised money to pay for experimental treatment.  The London hospital has told Charlie’s parents they may not take him and go find the best medical treatment they think is possible.

The question on many of our minds is,  “What the hell gives the hospital the right to keep charlie”s parents from doing their best for his medical care?”  That basic question was dealt with in an Editorial, in the Chicago Tribune;

The life of Charlie Gard

Here is a pertinent quote from that article:

Why does the British government have such wide authority over Charlie’s treatment? One big reason: Because the government funds a single-payer health system, picking up medical costs for British citizens.

We imagine many Americans reassure themselves that this country’s largely private system of health insurance would never be so dismissive of a parent’s right to make decisions about a child’s health care. Or deny a parent the right to take a child home to die.

But this medical drama, no matter anyone’s opinion, foreshadows the difficult decisions to come if America converts its medical insurance system into a single-payer model. (Note that “single-payer” is a euphemism for government-controlled health spending and care.)

I will go even further.  Federal government intervention in medical care, and all unconstitutional areas, is a slippery slope.  By allowing the government to do for us what we should do, or at least allow a free market to do, we begin down a path of government control that will have dire consequences for liberty in generations to come.

This is why Obama Care must be repealed and, as rapidly as possible, ALL government involvement in health care must end.

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