October 24th is The UN Day of Shame

October 24th is UN Day.  It is celebrated as the official founding date of the United Nations.  It is promoted by the fake news media as a day that signifies man’s greatest work for peace in our world.

It’s time for a reality check.  The world has not been making great strides toward peace, under the UN.  How many undeclared wars, “police actions”, and “peacekeeping” missions have young Americans been killed and maimed in, since the founding of the UN in 1945?  The truth is our soldiers are dying in undeclared wars while under the command of the UN and it’s affiliates (SEATO and NATO).  The “peacekeeping” missions drag on for years but never produce peace.

The UN “peacekeepers”, from many nations, have a reputation for abusing women and children wherever they go.  We know this because of the many whistle blowers who have courageously come forward to expose the abuses.  What is the response of the “peace-loving” officials at the UN?  In every case they sanction the whistle blowers and turn a blind eye to the abuse. (This blog post is pertinent)

The truth is that the man most responsible for the UN Charter, Alger Hiss, was exposed as a Communist spy.  So, it should come as no surprise that those who run the UN have always been Socialists or open Communists.

That’s why the UN Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) uses the Communist principle of declaring that government determines your rights and reserves the power to revoke them.  Articles 08, 10, and 29 of the UDHR are especially revealing in this regard.  This is in stark contrast to the American understanding of rights.  According to our founding documents, rights come from God.  They are unalienable.  Governments are formed to protect our rights.

This totalitarian UN philosophy compromises our sovereignty.  These two philosophies are mutually exclusive.  The liberty afforded Americans in our Republic can not exist, if an international entity is allowed to treat our rights as if they were privileges, conferred by government and subject to revocation if deemed not in keeping with the principles of the UN.

Our most basic God-given unalienable right is the right to life.  The UN, in the name of population control, promotes abortion and sterilization all over the world.  As one of many examples;  the Pro Life Union reported in June 2003, an announcement by the former Vatican Ambassador to the Philippines, that the legislature of that Catholic country was considering the legalization of abortion.  When questioned,  the Ambassador blamed the UN and the United States’ “population policy on world loans”.  He said in part, “no abortion and contraception = no loans”.

It’s time to recognize October 24 as a day of Shame!  Contact your Congressmen in support of HR 193 The American Sovereignty Restoration Act, to finally Get US Out of the UN!

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