PA Budget Deadlock and the Pitfalls of Socialism

Bastiat_QuoteThe pitfalls of socialism are many, and the current budget deadlock in Pennsylvania reveals yet another. This budget impasse is among the longest in State history (all but two previously were resolved before Christmas). And now we are hearing all the horror stories, such as foster parents not receiving state aid payments to care for the children they have taken in, school districts forced to borrow money and now beginning to run out of credit, college students not receiving their financial aid payments, etc.

My intention with this post is not to analyze the situation and cast blame or make specific policy recommendations. Rest assured, there is plenty of blame to go around, and the Internet is riddled with pieces casting blame and offering ‘common sense’ solutions. I just want to take this opportunity to point out something that isn’t talked about as much – that the root cause of all these problems is not the budget fiasco per se, but the socialist policies we have implemented that require a state budget deal to provide these services.

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Nullification: An Exercise of State Sovereignty

StateNullification_ImageIn my previous post, “State Sovereignty Basics,” I summarized some of the historical evidence in support of the idea of State Sovereignty. (Strictly speaking, only the People are sovereign, but we say that the states have sovereignty in the areas over which the People delegated power to them).

In the previous post, I alluded to the fact that this conception of the Union could hold the key to reigning in the federal government. Specifically, I was referring to the doctrine of State Nullification, which I will describe in this post. Continue reading

State Sovereignty Basics

In our American political system today, we act like the United States is one indivisible nation controlled centrally from Washington, D.C., and that the several states are its subsidiaries. Americanism holds that the states are sovereign, and that the federal government has only limited powers delegated to it by the U. S. Constitution. The states retain their sovereignty in all areas in which that authority was not delegated to the federal government. This powerful truth may hold the key to reigning in our out of control federal government. No doubt that is why this information has been largely suppressed in the mainstream media.     Continue reading